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Pure Green


Thermal Efficiency

Completely new building envelope with multi-layer insulation, creating a highly-effective thermal barrier while utilizing the original shell as a heat sink

Dynamic Lighting

An optimized mix of top quality windows incorporating opaque, light spreading, and non-light transmitting glass types with heat blocking coatings and argon gas insulation

Living Architecture

10-story green living wall and lush green roof to help regulate the environment by absorbing carbon

Climate Control

Heating and air conditioning system that balances demand throughout the building, utilizing ambient heat in the structure to control the temperature in each apartment, without requiring additional energy

Redirected Energy

Heat energy, drained from the building from bathroom and common hallway exhaust fans, is extracted to generate power before the air is released into the atmosphere

Simple Solutions

Operable windows, ceiling fans in every room, and electrically operated shades to enhance your environmental comfort and help reduce energy usage

Environmentally Friendly

Energy Star rated appliances, LEED compliant fixtures, and LED and CFL lightbulbs throughout

Wind Power

100% wind-generated power provides pure green energy to all residents at a cost competitive with traditional ‘dirty’ electricity sources, and reduces the building’s carbon footprint to almost non-existent

More Features

  • Rainwater retention system used to irrigate property landscaping
  • LEED Gold certification
  • Demolition materials recycled or salvaged
  • Locally-sourced materials
  • Low Volatile Organic Compound levels in flooring, cabinets, and other materials
  • On-site electric car charging, Zip Cars, and covered bike storage
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